Since ’99

When I say ‘Rinsin’ since 1999…’, believe it’s true.

The name Dubplate Special came to me in a dream when myself and a couple friends were throwing around the idea of starting a clothing company for a sound we immersed ourselves into every weekend in the North American capital of Jungle/DnB; Toronto, Canada!

The idea was to market the line as a record label, that each new style was a release, complete with category number and the designs themselves were either Track quotes, symbols or messages that related the raver to the rave giving a sense of identity, because us ravers, we are a community of a diverse set of tastes that all come together under one roof, sometimes jammin’ in unison to multitude of genres without problem or disdain for one another.

For over 10 years, Dubplate Special ran clothing in our scene outside of legendary Jungle clothier Aerosoul. We sold pieces all over the world, you could even find our gear in 2nd hand stores on the other side of the globe. Life was good and the sound, itself, was thriving…making a comeback after the 2Step evolution in the late ’90s…but as all things – we were all growing up and life was getting in the way. My two (most loyal, non-fairweather) partners whom I started this whole dream with had families and other responsibilities and I was the only one with a little more freedom but Dubplate was drowning and I couldn’t be asked to be honest…

I did the bare minimum to keep the name afloat, from designing other promoter jams and having my logo added in the affiliates section to literally loaning the name out to friends so they could get their foot in the door. I tried to restart the company a couple times but I had so many ideas that I blew the load before I could even get the mojo going!

…and so, here we are…a far cry from 1999, but with the wealth of knowledge, the trial & errors I have picked up all these years, with a life that has granted me so much creative freedom, with scene friends who have not let the name die but encouraged me to keep it moving…Dubplate Special is back with some remixed re-releases and has brought along another brand in Forty-Five & Pitch. Two vastly different brands that will appease to any taste because at the end of the day…

…we all come from different musical genre backgrounds, but we recognize that Jungle/DnB is not only a sound, it’s a movement and a culture and it’s a pride that all Junglists hold close to their heart – myself included, so I ask you to stand tall, big up ya chest and always represent your sound.

Sunil Gupta
…of the original Dubplate Special crew!