Monthly Archives: October 2018

One of Canada’s DNB dons…

...has collaborated with Dubplate Special. Mr Brown, the man behind Soul In Motion, ForwardDNB, Church and countless other ventures in North America's DNB capital of Toronto, Canada; has lent his…Read more

Kings of the underground

A little ways west of Toronto sits the small town of Cambridge where the last thing you'd expect is the burgeoning roar by long time DNB supporter; Peaceful Entertainment. Nearly…Read more

A who seh me dun…

The mighty Dungeon Kru, the brotherly duo of Slick & Casanova (Gordie & Will, respectively) have been smashing it up for more than a decade. From Jungle to Reggae Soundclash,…Read more

Kartoons Imprint

The ambassador of Jungle/DNB; the mighty Nicky Blackmarket has enlisted Dubplate Special as the graphics designer for his resurrected Kartoons record label. Featuring a host of old school, new school and…Read more