Teaming up…

Two of Toronto’s long serving emcees are teaming up with the DNBRefined brand to bring a new dynamic to the decks.

A2 + Emcee Zee are a staple of nearly every Toronto party on the docket, bring their complimenting duo flows to the M-I-C while staying hungry and leveling up their game each and every time out. The fact they keep it moving, believing in themselves over the haters and standing along their supporters is why we approached them and offered up our banner to fly alongside theirs.

With several projects on the go from North American Grammar Kids to CR8DNB to Productive Sundays, the boys keep themselves busy and it’s that hustle that has thrust them to the front lines of our sound’s circuit with a resume that transcends borders.

Be on the lookout for either the team or a solo flex from our newest additions rockin’ the brand or catch them digitally…

A2 // IG FB
Emcee Zee // IG FB SC

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