Nicky Blackmarket


The name Nicky Blackmarket is synonymous with our sound and the man has done it all. From early beginnings with the late-but-legendary lyricist MC Stevie Hyper D to his unmistakable moniker as ambassador of Jungle/DnB to his recognizable constant ball of energy that sees him shine his DJing talents on every continent over his continued yet illustrious career spanning two decades and still going…!

Also famous for his co-ownership in the world renowned independent dance music record store Blackmarket Records in famed Soho London. In the early ’90s, Nicky took it upon himself to create a basement department within the shop for the Breakbeat scene that would evolve into Jungle/DnB thus nailing his name on the family tree of our sound!!

From ’80s dance parties to pirate radio to headlining main stages across the planet to even having his name stamped on many a retailed mixed cd, Nicky continues to show his wares night in and night out with that infectious smile and the all-too-known ‘Chopper’ to ‘Police in Helicopter’ cross fade mix that still makes the rounds here and there if you listen carefully.

Now, armed with the resurrection of his Kartoons Music imprint, with four releases to date – Nicky is not only continuing to spread his vibe in person – his label now graces the tables of many famed Jungle/DnB talents and there are very few, if any, heads in our scene that could ever deny knowing or even hearing of …the living legend.

…and DNB Refined, namely Dubplate Special, couldn’t be more honoured continuing to sponsor and support our dear friend since 1999…Nicky, Nicky, Nicky, a eh-eh-eh!!!

Instagram: @nickyblackmarket
Facebook: /NickyBlackmarket
Facebook: /KartoonsMusic
Soundcloud: /Kartoons