A slice of Pae…lla!

While there is no real way to cut a slice when served Paella, the experience itself is quite a slice ;) So this is what you do... Board a flight…Read more

Got milk?

Cue Twilight Zone theme enter time warp, ensure the belly is rumbling annnnddd go! Take a step back into the 80s and 90s and namely your childhood if you…Read more

So hip, it yurts!

South West England is home to lush green rolling hills and crisp country air...hamlets come to mind when thinking where its' inhabitants are and the bright lights and big city…Read more

When in Rome… Eat the Ribs!

Texas is known for many things - their slogan is simple - they do it big. I took two days on my roadtrip to split the state through the middle,…Read more

Keepin’ it traditional…

The continent of North America, as we all know, was inhabited by the Diné or First Nations as we know them in the mainstream but when you think of Traditional…Read more

Don’t forget the Alien Sauce!

About 2.5 hours North of Las Vegas through desolate road, mountain passes that offer a variety of seasons in one shot (By this I mean that I drove through two…Read more

Goreng for the win!

To Mie or to Nasi...that is the question! The setting is Bali - but Bali is a large place in Indonesia so I will narrow it down although I will…Read more

Come for the food, stay for the cats!

Off the coast of Krabi, Thailand, but still in the Krabi province lol! can take a boat to the islands of Koh Phi Phi (pronounced Pee-Pee) - mind you, one island…Read more
Closest country to the US

Closest country to the US

You may seem puzzled by the title of this post but Miami, my friends, is undoubtedly the closest country to the United States. The first time I came down here,…Read more