Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The first time I came here was literally a day trip that took me to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces and thats it. One winding, dust filled, multiple woodworking kiosks road with hidden openings leading to this massive valley of rice terraces. My driver had brought me up for the day from Kuta and while it was one of the cooler things I did in Bali, I wasn’t aware of the rest of the goodness this part of the island was to offer me!

Fast forward to this latest trip. We got a sweet little spot off the main road away from the hustle but close enough to get to it. A friend of mine from Toronto had recently discovered the magic of this city and his 3wk vacation was now bordering on 3 months, lol, Bali just had this way of keeping you, with all its facets of paradise & spirituality and none of it is more accentuated than here in Ubud. In our 5 days here, I reconnected with Frank and because of his tenure here, he gave me some great tips as well as invited us out on a great hike to an amazing café overlooking even more beautiful terraces!

Ubud is your bohemian friend who is care-free and deaf to the rat race lives that frequent our planet, everything eco minded is at the top of the menu here and all are welcome to partake. The soothing aromas with all things yogi line these streets and while you cannot escape the same product markets, there is more arts and culture here as oppose to the generic offerings to tickle your fancy.

On a dope note, I had a coverup back tattoo, freehandedly done by the talented Agus over at Conscious Arts Tattoos. My fee included proceeds going to help local less fortunate Balinese kids so a little good karma along with the vegan ink that now shares some real estate with the rest of my body was a good look!