Singaraja, Lovina, Bali, Indonesia

3.5 hours is the time it takes to travel from East to North coast although the distance would render a shorter time allotment! But taking into account the mountain ranges and shifty weather patterns and seeing its only a light 3.5 hours is much better than what it could possibly be.

Nono is a local to Singaraja and best mates with the owner of the next homestay we were headed to. He moonlights as a driver but his business is all boats all day! You can learn alot about someone in 3.5 hours and vice versa…and if you are as sociable as me, its plans for a very talkative journey and makes it easier on everyone anyway. Energy is a big thing and a very real thing and can affect all situations no matter the situation.

Early the next morning, the sun had yet to rise and we were off walking. About 50m from our stay was a coastline lined with traditional Balinese boats aplenty …all vying for the morning’s adventurers looking to spot feeding pods of dolphins just off the coast. We were no different except that our tour operator was none other than Nono, whom we had established a friendship with and, self proclaimed, had the best boat on his coast, and you know what? He was on point with that proclamation! Typical long boat style with a bow that allowed you to sit, feat dangling above the waters for that Best-seats-in-the-house feel and my girl took advantage! We caught amazing dolphin pod views, snaps and vids as well as perfectly painted sunrise over the mountains and coast…it was absolutely beautiful! We capped off our tour with a half day of fishing although our bounty was but a qtr-lb. Snapper if even that, which was all Nono but the experience was great as was the conversation that was shared.

Nono invited us back out as sunset which we gladly accepted but our jetlag had not run its course and our ambitious acceptance was met with snores 🙂 I did drag myself out of bed and walk the golden mile to Nono’s boat to tell him as a courtesy but we also dodged a bullet as a pretty wild storm hit, Nono got in safely too with enough Snapper to feed the family for the night.

In line with Audrey’s powerpoint presentation, we embarked on a tour that took us to 4000 year old Hot Springs, a large Buddhist temple with hidden meditation areas and a waterfall where I (and she) bodysurfed down a 12m waterfall as well as cliff dove an additional 5m after a lengthy and trying hike down into the valley of Aling Aling waterfalls. One highlight, not that none of those were highlights was a visit to the Kopi Plantation where we had a rare chance to interact with a Luwak which is a medium sized rodent made infamous for Luwak Coffee, these little critters are normally aggressive but we lucked out here with Kimi as well, we learnt about many roots and spices native to Bali.

As the adventures faded, our next step would take us South central… to the oft-named Bohemian hippodrome of Ubud… the, what I like to call, limbo part of Bali between the super chill and incredibly hectic and a place that attracts any and all those looking for the perfect mix of lifestyle with trendy soundbites without the elitist’ness of the hipster culture – admit it hipsters – you’re clicky and you know it!