Los Angeles, California, USA

I been here before. Long before I ever started blogging about anything. I didn’t like it, actually, I did blog about it last year didn’t I? Shit, I gotta scroll back…

I don’t know, doesn’t matter – I have mixed feelings about LA – I don’t think I ever really spent enough time here to truly enjoy the whole experience that everyone raves about. However, in this blog post – slowly the city is growing on me – it’s only my 5th time here in as many years – you’d think it’d have already grown on me but I’m, legit, worldly spoilt and this Cali city doesn’t sit too high on the totem pole for me.

…but here we are and the reason we are is because I chose LA to celebrate my birthday this year! Last year, it was in the sticks north of Toronto and the year before that it was Koh Phangan in Thailand, so I guess nothing to look forward to in ’18 then eh? LOL…but we here; so away we go…

My chick’s friend from Belgium recently moved here with his husband back in November – so already – accoms are sorted and he’s a cool dude. Makes costumes for Ms Universe contestants and Go-Go dancers etc etc…really nice dude, his husband is a much quieter fella – is an executive chef for this French Bakery/Resto in downtown LA – to which we indulged at on our first day…also joining us was my girl’s buddy from Hair/Makeup School whom she met in Miami named Matt – really not the poster child for someone who does hair – dude was so damn cool though – seriously a shot out of left field for all those that were expecting Adam Sandler’s Zohan like I was, some powder puff profiterole and instead got this burly buff super energetic and completely magnetic individual – what a breath of fresh air…

Matt brought a couple buddies too and then there’s my boy David – Former Marine Corps, Lawyer-to-be, base jumping, California pretty boy. I met this dude in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia in 2015 and kept in touch and low and behold, he put aside his Law School studies and came out from the safe confines of Orange County to check the kid and celebrate!

We had a full clip of amazing people from all walks of life and proceeded to make a great night of it. LA was definitely a good look for it too as we hung out at La Cuevita on North Figueroa…and on Tuesday you get free Tacos after 10pm! How’s that? Fuck a cake, ehhh!!


Earlier in the day, we had stormtrooped a bit of the city, heading over to Santee Alley, even Little Tokyo. I will give LA this – it’s split up into all these districts that specialize in something or other. From fashion to flowers to furniture to food! There is something for every walk of life. The central market is really good too – great dining options from casual to fancy no matter what time it is.

I see a little bit of Toronto in LA I suppose, I truly like the vast culture here and I think I need to come back and really soak it up – I have done touches of DTLA, been to Huntington beach, Santa Monica Pier and several other outer LA spots but I think I really need to come back here and sort out my feelings about this place and who knows, it may get a proper Siskel & Ebert thumbs up or I can continue my back and forth emo bitch fest for an unprecedented 6th attempt of trying not to condescendingly look down on the City of Angels.