Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

As a Toronto Maple Leafs (Hockey) fan – there is one city more hated than Montréal and that is none other than Ottawa. Our nations capital, where all the big decision deciding the fate of our country resides. It is also home to two world renowned universities and I am sure a couple other distinguishing accolades but AS A HOCKEY FAN – you are expected to loathe the enemy regardless if the buildings were made of gingerbread and lights of lollipops, damnit! And I certainly followed suit and continue to, to this day, for Ottawa is the butt of all jokes when it comes to Toronto…

But when you take your head out of your ass and actually visit the capital city, well, it’s pretty nice.

Ottawa is small – it is all encompassed by Parliamentary buildings but it has this small town charm for all the weight it holds on its’ shoulders. On our way back from MTL, I took my partner to visit the capital city – we stopped at lookouts overlooking the Ottawa River, seeing Québec in the distance, drove by the Prime Minister’s residence (I don’t care who you are, the novelty of seeing where a world leader lives is pretty cool) and made our way into the city where we parked up and started the stormtroop!

Ottawa, as mentioned, have these little charming features especially the Rideau Canal – a river that flows in and around and below the street level of the city, letting out at the Ottawa River through a series of locks. In the winter, it is turned into the world’s largest and second longest skating rink (7.8kms) – for the public to enjoy revealing beautiful views of the city. When we got to the Parliament portion – the main chunk – it was amazing. I think being Canadian, it was amazing to see the bronze sculptures depicting WWII moments or past prime ministers or important people in time. It was amazing standing in front of the Parliamentary building. It was amazing how free flowing everything was – you are not kept a far distance from anything Government wise – it’s a nice feeling to be included, not withstanding barging the doors and sitting in on the house by any means lol!

For the few hours I was there – it was nice to take off my Maple Leafs hat and wear the backyard tourist one and enjoy one of the many amazing cities in my great country. Any one coming to Toronto or Montréal for a visit should strongly consider taking the drive to Ottawa – it maybe a one-horse town, but boy is that horse lucky to be surrounded by such history and beauty!