When I was a kid, I wanted to be a car designer. Been drawing cars since I was 4 years old courtesy of me mum, first thing she ever taught me to draw and I was on it for the next 14 years! Like aspiring musicians that do covers of their favourite artists or of songs that demand range, I used to draw existing cars or my own inventions…one brand that always stuck out to me was Porsche and on their insignia lay the word Stuttgart.

Sitting approx 70kms NE of Freiburg, I hopped in my rental and made my way there to go to none other than the Porsche Museum – the building is insane, the exhibit itself is not huge but well laid out and if your an aficionado or just rockin’ your bucketlist ‘on the fly’ – this is worth the 12 euros you’ll have to shell out (really? Shell? You pay more to see a movie, not even in the VIP theatre, and it includes Parking, the exit’s a bitch though, I stalled the car on the incline and a porter had to clear space for me against pedestrians, a little embarassing.) As a bonus, I got to watch Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova play a 3 set friendly outside the entrance – no idea why – not complaining, pretty cool.

Rolled through that museum pretty quick. Figured I’d check out Stuttgart, really didn’t know where I was going, GPS wasn’t helping, basically followed signs for ‘Zentrum’ which I think means Centre! Stuttgart is like a larger Freiburg, I lucked out and ended up in the main shopping area, the main everything area I could say, it was huge- then there was this large clearing that housed a huge park with squatters and sunbathers alike and across from that was a converted mall and the Art Museum. The shopping strip continued for days and there were little arteries that branched off every so often.

Great experience, quick in and out.