Would you be surprised if I said I would have rather spent the remainder of my journey in Thailand?

There were a couple aspects of Bali that I loved, and those were outside the main areas of Kuta & Legian. Not to take away from Legian, my boy and I lived the life in fancy (yet completely affordable) accommodations and I did meet one amazing dude on my solo’ness in Kuta named Steve – a cool aussie from Perth by way of the Bush, he exclaims proudly!

Hmm, what else can I say about Kuta – oh yeah, my cell got jacked the first day along with my powerbank (insult to injury of you ask me). What else can I say – the location of the thieving is quite a wicked venue called SkyGarden, in Kuta, amazing buffet and drink deals and then typical trash electronic and top 40’ish hip hop on 3 or 4 floors, good time. But if you behave badly, become inebriated and become a little too trusting, well, although it’s totally ‘hallmark’ to see the good in people, in this instance, I got robbed. I cannot stress enough that you must separate where you live with where you travel, there is a huge cultural and economic difference, do not be ignorant, you’ll get bit.

Get out of the main, overrun Aussie areas and make a break for Uluwatu – surf haven, home to Single Fin – an infamous bar amongst bars overlooking the ocean! I met some amazing people from all walks of life, smashed together on one sectional couch! Representing the US, South Africa, Sweden and the UK…I got a taste of really good people, not the clickiness you really feel in the ‘main areas’ of Bali. I don’t have to tell you about the food, its exquisite whether cheap or fancy. Stay away from KFC no matter how drunk you are, definite mistake. Only order pizza from (get name from chris) or you’ll be sorry and if you have a chance – try the Curried Duck, omg! I enjoyed mine from the Swiss-Belinn Legian hotel I was staying at, divine to say the least!

In order to get the full flavour of Bali, my suggestion is to find a taxi driver whom you can book for the day – $45-50 Cdn is what you’re looking at but if you’re a really good judge of character – you’ll know who is gonna be a good ride and who’s just going to drop and pick you up. My suggestion is G’Day – dude is maddddd cool and will take you anywhere or suggest spots to you and take. Dude even took me to grocery store to buy Saffron for my mum! What a gem!! Email me if you would like his contact information.

My three weeks in Bali were pretty good, all in all, but I don’t think I’ll be coming back soon unless passing through on my way to Komodo Island – Yo! Komodo dragons what?! You’re lying if you’re not the least bit intrigued!

Honourable mention goes out to my friend and brother Ronny with whom I spent many hours with. I had commissioned Ronny to make me several custom beaded necklaces, four of which I especially had made for myself, Chew, Tiger and the late great Sai Wice!


PS>  Not digging Bali was my feeling when I first wrote this blog, in retrospect, I don’t believe I gave Bali as a whole half-a-chance – I look forward to my next foray back to this paradise to really ingest the beauty and not make ‘partying’ my priority. I am not telling to not party – hell no – get it in ya! I am just saying that experiencing the culture should have been more of a priority, luckily for us all, there is always a next time.

PPS> My photos are limited to a handful because my phone was stolen (in Bali) and I, stupidly, did not back it up. I can’t stress it enough – BACK UP your phones people, take the time and do it, you’ll thank me on top of thanking yourself that you did it when the shit hits the fan.