For me, there was nothing special about this place, its a busy little town, the foreigners are very nice, was just passing through for a couple days on my way to Phi Phi, umm, so basically got really drunk and apparently tried to take on a Teak Patio Set…that about summed my Krabi trip up. I do know there are great beaches and limestone cliffs but I didn’t see any of that and it would be wrong of me to just drop bullet points in the middle of a ‘in my words’ type blog!

I did do one thing that was a must although quite unfortunate…on this day, sadly, my friend was put to rest back in Canada so I paid a visit to Tiger Cave Temple to say a few prayers for him. This place is immense, the statues and structures are crazy! Any way, there is a giant gold Buddha and an assortment of Deity installations at the top of a mountain and it’s only a handful of steps away…I’m lying. 1,237 steps going in tons of directions and varying degrees of steepness (is that a word?)… At every plateau, the number of steps you’ve already completed is noted on the bannister…at 200 steps, so many thoughts go through your mind…is this how it all ends? Irrational thoughts and fears, some of the railings are as shotty as are the steps. Around 600 steps, you’re getting a second wind, kinda, not really…I don’t know, I was doing it for my boy so I had no choice but my bud Caramel, he didn’t have to do this and he also has about 100 lbs on me, but he soldiered on and made it 1,236 steps, outstretched his arm and I pulled him up the final step.

Can I tell you, the final flight of steps are the longest of your life, had a real Rocky Balboa moment after I kissed the top step, king of the world type stuff, but when you get to the top, insane viewpoints from all around and the deities did not disappoint either. Any way, said my prayers, took a few pictures, started the descent and pep talked every second thoughting person coming up….I could show you pictures but you’d be better served seeing it with your own eyes. And they truck on.

RIP Nara Sai Pech #justicefornara